Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wow--what a Boo Boo

Gavin has had a really rough week. Here's the short version for those who haven't heard. Gavin got his finger smashed in a door at church, we took him to urgent care because we thought he might need stitches after seeing the bleeding that occured. They sent us to ER, where they ended up surgically repairing his finger. Then we were referred to a Hand Surgeon.

The Hand Surgeon explained to us the diagnosis completely. He completely crushed the end of his finger. While the bone is still intact, there’s other damage done. It’s certainly not an easy injury and it’s going to be long road to haul yet. At this point we are NOT looking at more surgery. That’s the good news. The Dr explained that in two weeks he would remove a couple sutures and then we’d see if the nail would grow. We won’t know for sure for 3-6 months if the finger and the nail bed are healed completely. The most important thing we can do now is protect the finger tip. Therefore, He got a cast today from the tip of his pinky finger past his elbow.

I'm so thankful that's behind us and appreciate all your prayers for complete healing.


lilygirl123 said...

Wow Kelley, I have NO idea this happened to poor Gavin!! What a terrible accident! I hope he feels better soon and gets along well with the cast!

SarahRachel said...

Gosh- this story still gives me chill bumps. =( I am glad Gavin's cast is off now and hope and pray that that will be the end of it. He looks so pathetic in those pics- like he needs a BIG HUG! He's such a sweetie.