Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh the joys of childhood. . .

He's such a BOY!!!

Did I tell you about our E.R. visit??

I know some of you have heard the dramatic tale of our visit to the Emergency room, but this blog is to keep those that I don't talk to often informed. . .so here goes again.

One night a couple weeks ago I was cleaning up from dinner, Dave had run downstairs for something and Gavin ventured into the bathroom. . .alone. Normally this is pretty safe, he has become quite self sufficient in the restroom (I'm thrilled to say) so we usually let him tend to his business unless we are summoned to said bathroom.
After a few minutes we hear a deparate, most painful scream. Dave got there first and proclaimed it was bad.
Apparently Gavin climbed onto the bathroom counter, stood ON the bathroom faucet to reach the top of the medicine cabinet shelf to get his daddy's razor. He wanted to shave.
Thankfully he didn't make it to his face, but instead sliced open his thumb. It was quite a cut and there was blood everywhere. It just bled, and bled and bled. We decided because of the nonstop bleeding we might should get assitance. You would have been proud, I was surprisingly very calm.
We proceeded to the ER. Gavin was hysterical, most worried about someone doing "something" to his thumb that was already in much pain. The nurses & doctors were great with him and he left with his wound "glued" together instead of stitches. A coloring book, stickers and popsicle for the brave patient and we were on our way home. Here's a pic of Gavin ready to go to school the next day and show his friends his bandage.
Never a dull moment here. . .never. I'm sure that will be our first of many trips with our little daredevil stunt boy!

Reading is fun. . .

I hope Gavin always continues his love of reading. While cleaning the other day I noticed he was quiet. Usually this is cause for GREAT alarm. This time however I was pleasantly surprised to find him. . .

Mrs. Karen will be so proud! :o)