Friday, June 22, 2007

Five Funnies for a Friday

Wanted to share a few things my funny child has said this week. . .oh out of the mouths of babes (especially Two year olds!)

1) He was playing with his Bob The Builder Duplo set and overheard his Nana (while on the phone) say "Praise the Lord" and out comes. . .

"Praise the Lord Bob the Builder!!"

2) Gavin has become quite interested in "his" house. "Where is my house?" "We go to my house?", etc. We were leaving the house to go run some errands the other morning and out comes. . .

"That my house? Bye Bye My House. . I love you My house. . ."

3) While playing with his friend Madison they were doing a "salute". Madison would count off. . ." 1-2-3-4-Salute" then Gavin would repeat. . .

"5 - 2 - 4 - 2 A-loop"

(Yes, he knows how to count)

4) While sitting at the dinner table we usually "review our days" with each other. This always starts with me saying "Daddy, how was your day". . .when we were finished last night Gavin paused, then looked at Dave and said. .

"Daddy, how your day were?"

5) Most of you know that my child has a TRUE OBSESSION for Fire Trucks. They are his favorite thing in the whole world. Now he finally knows what the man is that drives the Firetruck (For a long time they were called FireTruckMan). When I say Gavin, what do you want to be he replies. .

"I want to be a Pire Pighter, I drive Pire truck and spray water on fire, it's HOT!"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Where has the week gone??

Wow. . .I've been pretty absent lately, huh??
Here's a "slideshow" of what we've been up to lately!!

Our friend Maggie came to play one day. . .we had fun times together!

Then Gavin went to a very cool birthday party at the zoo. . .here he is with his friends Piper & Ty.

Piper & G-Man are blowing their party accessories. . .

Gavin's music class started again and he has so much fun! Here he is with Maggie & the twins. They are all in his class now!

We had a picnic with our friends from Church
Gavin was dancing with his friends. . .

Then we had a fun playdate with more friends from Church:

Then last night was our Father's Day Cookout at Brandon & Jody's House.
Love getting together with everyone from Jody's family. . .
Gavin had a great time with the kids. . .and played ball with BoBo and huggin HarleyDog!

As you can see we having been very busy. . .enjoying Summer!!
Hope you all are doing well!
Happy Fathers Day!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Happy "Half" Birthday to you!

Thursday was Gavin's "Half Birthday"! He was officially Two & a Half!

I baked him half a cake and we had a little "party" after dinner.

We had 1/2 a chocolate cake with two and a half candles! It was fun. . and we sang!

"Happy Half Birthday to you
Happy Half Birthday to you
Happy Half Birthday dear Gavin
Happy Half Birthday to you!"
In case you were wondering. . .NO there were no presents!

Yes, I am over-the-top-goofy! But my two year old LOVED it!!
Blowing out the candles. . .

Saying "Cheese" because I kept snapping pictures!

What a mess!

Best part of the day: Watching Gavin light up when he saw that cake with candles! It was precious. He's getting so big!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Painting Fun

Mom & Gavin are enjoying a couple weeks of a "less hectic" schedule before all the "Summer fun" begins for Mommy at Church. We've enjoyed some home "projects" including finger painting! (Can I tell you how much LOVE Crayola's Color Wonder!!??)

Here's some pics of Gavin's masterpiece from today:

Notice the tongue. . .closely resembles a close male role model of Gavin's, whom I won't mention any names to prevent embarrassment. . .

Working hard, yet thoroughly enjoying it!

And the finished Masterpiece. . .it's a fridge door jewel for sure!
He's so proud!

Best part of today: Getting to spend a little time with my munchkin. . no schedule to keep to and taking our time! Life IS good.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More sleeping pictures

I love when he's sleeping!! Ha ha!
Can you find him?

Yes, EVERY night & naptime we have to have the following in the race car bed:
  • Pooh
  • Tigger
  • DoodleBear
  • DoodleDog
  • Roo
  • Owl
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Firetruck pillow
  • Firetruck Blanket
  • Cars Blanket
  • Down blanket
  • a "ju" cup (with water)
  • and now "FiretruckMan"

There's barely room for Gavin!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

How to build the PERFECT CheeBurger

Gavin gave lessons this morning on how to cook the best Cheeseburger (CheeBurger).
First, you have to look really cute

Then you have to get the appropriate attire on

Get your cooking tools ready (microwave)

Use LOTS of dip-dip (Ketchup)

Yes, even more ketchup (his Daddy would be SO proud)

Does that look like enough ketchup? NO! Needs more!

Looks "YummyLicious" to me!!

Taste it out. . .

And be sure to follow up with our new "Monster Face"

And THAT is how you make the perfect CheeBurger

Friday, June 1, 2007

Rodeo! (Pic overload!)

We received a last minute invitation from the Gregory Family to go to the Rodeo tonight! We had one here at a local park and boy was it fun! This was actually Gavin's second Rodeo (Yes, his Daddy is a country boy) but he liked this one much more than the first. I think because it was outside, and a lot less LOUD. He really got into it this year.

The kids had first class transportation.

First we had to check out the bounce house. . .get some of that energy out!

We loved the horses. . .they were beautiful!

We were impressed with the Christian Flag and representation from "Cowboy Church"

The kids were so cute putting their hands on the hearts for the National Anthem

Look at that cowboy go! We had great seats--VERY close!

The kids got very comfy in their wagon. . .precious toes

This guy was HYSTERICAL--he is actually posing here for Dana & I to take his picture

Here are a bunch of kids running after a calf to try and catch it! NO, Gavin (nor Maggie) participated. We decided they weren't quite ready for that. Them or the calf!

They watched closely from the sidelines.

We had a great time! Gavin's still talking about the horses!!