Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday PawPaw

The family gathered for a special birthday dinner for PawPaw!! We went to Wildwood, which is his favorite restaurant. . . as you can see from the pictures he even got a Wildwood shirt to wear!!
Silly PawPaw, those sunglasses are too small for you!
Aren't they so cute & excited!!
I'm not sure who was more excited about the Birthday cake, Uncle Donnie, PawPaw or Gavin!!
Happy Birthday PawPaw. . .We love you!!

What a great weekend

Dave & I got away for a weekend this weekend. We went to a "Weekend to Remember" conference. Gavin spent the weekend with his Nanny & PawPaw and Brandon & Jody. So needless to say he had a "weekend to remember" too!!

I really did miss my little buddy, but it was so good to get away with Dave. Unfortunately we don't have much time away together alone, so this was quite a treat!!

It's a beautiful day today, so we're off to the park to play with friends. . . hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well the big news here is Gavin is going to start playing soccer. He's signed up to be on a local "league" here in April and he can't wait!!

This weekend he had to start "practicing"!! Thankfully we had lots of beautiful weather so we had a cookout with the Jones family.

Carson & Parker want to play soccer too!

I'm not sure I'm ready for this!! Boy he's growing up fast!!

From snow to sun

All in the same week we had snow on Sunday and 75 degrees and sunny on Saturday! Wow!!
We visited Virginia Tech and had a picnic at the Duck pond, complete with feeding some ducks!
My two favorite guys. . . man I am so blessed!!

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Gavin and Nanny put candles and started the "Happy Birthday Song" for Uncle Brandon. . . Happy Birthday Uncle Brandon. . . one of Gavin's most favorite people!!
I can't believe my baby brother is 31!! Wow, we're getting old!

And a hug for Aunt Jody of course!!

Another Field Trip

Gavin & his class went to the Transportation Museum and he loved it!!

Here's a couple pictures of his day. . .Wow--that's a big train!!
Gavin & Ms. Vickie--he loves his teachers!!

Snow Days

Well we FINALLY got some snow here!! Of course it didn't come until the first of March!! But Gavin was so excited and we all enjoyed it.

Got to go out and play Mom!!
Gavin & Daddy had a mean snowball fight!

He's smiling here because he got Daddy!!
This snow also came on the day of "Gavin's FIRST black eye". This is the start of it, and it just got dark from here. No huge story with this, just a trip and fall into a table. . .but boy he looked tough!!

What else. . .

Well Disney was our big event for the beginning of 2009. . .but since we've been back we sure have been busy!!

We had a great time with the Jones & Correll family watching the Super Bowl. . .all the boys had lots of fun. . .

We also had lots of fun on our Preschool field trip to the Pet Store. Gavin fell in love with a "snow dog" (as he calls them) but we thankfully left the store without the puppy and too much upset.
Then onto a fun lunch with all his school friends. I'm so blessed to do what I do. . . I enjoy getting to experience all these fun times with my boy.
Let's face it, they grow up so fast, I don't want to miss a minute!!

Finally. . .

I've uploaded some of our Disney photos to share. . .

The trip was truly magical. We are already talking about when we go back!! It's truly a magical place!!