Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!

As I said in my earlier post we had a great holiday with Daddy at home for 12 days!! It was so much fun spending day after day together. We got so much done around the house (yes, lots of projects were actually finished!) and just had some good quality time together.

We had several different visits with friends also that were lots of fun, including doing Christmas with our friends Carson & Parker. The twins are growing so fast and Gavin just loves them so much. We saw them a couple times over Christmas and spent New Years with them as well! The only problem with all 3 boys being together is it's literally impossible to get the 3 of them in one picture!!

We spent New Years again with several friends at Chuck E. Cheese. It was so much fun and has become the tradition for us and several of our friends. Of course the kids all had a blast. I'll share some pics of our fun with you. Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Review

Our Family Christmas in review. . . starts with a few traditions. . .

We started our Christmas Eve celebrations with our annual Christmas Eve service at Church, which includes the Lords Supper and the lighting of the Birthday Cake, I love this and this year I snuck a picture of it lit!

When we came home from Mom's house that evening we got Santas cookies & milk ready and went out to put the reindeer food on the grass for the reindeer. Gavin really got into that this year, he wanted to sprinkle it all around so they would be sure to share!

Christmas morning was wonderful, Santa left Gavin some great gifts, including exactly what he asked for. . . a big firetruck! His three gifts this year were Rescue Heroes, Firetruck and a soccer goal. And of course lots of goodies in his stocking!!

We then went to have Christmas Breakfast with our family and received lots of more great presents and had a great morning. The day concluded with dinner with extended family.

We had a very nice Christmas. We, once again, were abundantly blessed with lots of wonderful gifts. I'm so thankful for everyone that thought of us. My family spoiled us once again and I recieved so many nice and wonderful things from my kids at Church and Preschool and so many of our friends. We are so very, very blessed.

Another thing that added to our Christmas this year was that Daddy was off work and home with us for 12 days this year. We had a great and long break and were able to spend lots of time together as a family. We all greatly enjoyed it.