Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Odds & Ends

Couple other cute pics I wanted to share with you.

Here's Gavin working (for the millionth time) his alphabet puzzle. He LOVES this thing! (Thanks Sarah!)

Here's Gavin on the truck Daddy brought home from work one day. Yes, he's in a diaper, I know. . .but he got up from his nap and went crazy wanting to get on the bucket truck. . .wouldn't stop for shorts OR shoes.

Here he is on his Daddy's shoulders, his favorite place to "ride" these days. And I love that look with his hat!! Too funny. . .

And finally a sleeping pic. . .you know how I love these. Who can blame me, he's STILL and QUIET and angelic. . .he loves that firetruck pillow. . can you tell??

I promise to try better with the blog. I've been having guilt lately about not keeping it up, and friends have been commenting and giving me the "encouragement" that I needed! (Thanks Kristin!)

Have a great evening!

Good times, good times

We had a great playdate last week with some dear friends, wanted to share a couple good pictures.

Here's Harrison & Gavin doing the "boy thing" wrestling and playing

Here's Annalise, Harrison & Gavin being cute!

Our new Pet

Gavin has a new friend in town, and his name is Henry. Yes, Henry the horse. Henry is a stick horse and it is truly Gavin's new love.

It was hysterical. Last week Gavin was "riding" play broom through the house yelling "giddy up Cowboy! Yeehaw" and Dave quickly agreed we had to get the child a stick horse. (or he might start asking for a witches hat!)

Meet Henry the horse. . .

Riding off into the sunset. . .

Now our "Rodeo" is complete!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sweet Words

OK, I think any Mom would agree. Some of the sweetest words can come from your children. Today, totally "unprovoked" when I sneezed Gavin said "Bless you Mommy". Ahh. . .the little things.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Where have I been???

Ha! I promise, I haven't given up on blogging. I have been meaning to come in and update, but you know how it goes. . .

I'm not really going to try and "catch up", I'm just going to share a couple pics and start "fresh".

Yesterday we went on a little "Daycation" with our dear friends Micheal & Dana. Gavin was THRILLED with going on a trip with Maggie. We ventured to a waterpark for the day and boy we had a blast. In an effort not to ruin my camera I kept it packed away most of the day, but did break it out for a few pics.

He loved this tunnel. . . and must have went though about 156 times!

Just taking a break from all the water and excitement for a quick snack!

In other "happenings" in our life. . .we have some new friends in town. Our Pastor and his family recently moved here from NC and we are loving having them here. Gavin has already proclaimed his love to their two daughters, ages 8 & 4. Seriously, we're thrilled to have them here at our Church and in our town.

We're getting geared up for a new school year. . .just around the corner! Our little Church Preschool is growing quickly and I'm very excited. I've always dreamed of Directing a Preschool and boy I am doing it! Wow. . .the Lord works in mysterious ways. He's blessed us abundantly though and I am so thankful. Gavin is getting excited about starting school too and seeing all his friends. . .now I just have to go through the whole explanation of why he can't ride the school bus everyday again. . .