Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Baking

Dave, Gavin & I have done some Christmas baking at home the two weekends before Christmas. Of course since I had dough and chocolate on my hands I was unable to catch those memories on camera.
I did have the opportunity Dec 23 when my Aunt Teresa, Mom and I started a new tradition of making holiday Chocolates. We had a great time, but it was hard work!!

This year our project was chocolate christmas tree candy molds on pretzels. Here's the first batch. . . they got prettier as the day went on!!

Dave also got in on the baking action on Christmas Eve. He is "family famous" for his Sausage Balls. Dave always gets asked to make Sausage balls every year, for several homes in our family.

We also made Chocolate chip cookies for Santa. I had already made several other kinds of cookies, but apparently Santa told Gavin he wanted Chocolate Chip!!

Then of course we made our annual Birthday Cake for Jesus. . . the reason for the Season!

True Meaning of Christmas

It's very important to David and I that Gavin know and remember the true meaning of Christmas. I'm very thrilled that he (well, we) are able to go to a Christian Preschool that teaches the true meaning of Christmas. They had Birthday Parties for Jesus last week!

Gavin loves to play with the decorations that we pull out for Christmas. I'm not kidding when I say I don't think his toys have been touched since November!! Not even his horses or rescue heroes!! His favorite is his Nativity Set. This thing has been the BEST purchase we have made. We have such an opportunity to talk with Gavin about the birth of Christ through playing with this and we LOVE to hear him playing with it now independently. He tells the Christmas story over and over.
(Of course the "typical 4 year old" comes out sometimes too. Last week the shepherds were looking for their monster trucks so they could go to the Rodeo)

Seriously though, Gavin knows all about the Nativity and he looks for them everywhere. If we see a house that has lots of decorations he's always quick to put out if they have a "tivity"!!

He was especially thrilled this weekend when Daddy was in a LIVE Nativity!! He was Joseph and Gavin just thought it was so cool!! Before he left that evening he told Dave "Daddy, be sure not to drop baby Jesus!!"

Gavin was very proud of his Daddy!

Our visits to Santa

We've had a couple visits with Santa this Christmas season. Our typical one at the Mall went well, Gavin loved it and hopped right up there. I'm not sure how I lucked out to have a child that has yet to refuse to sit on his lap. Gavin picks other things to be scared of I guess!

He told him he wanted a firetruck, with a hose and a ladder. Also some Rescue Heroes and Leapster Games. He also confessed that he hasn't always been a good boy, but he tries very hard. Santa thought that was funny!!
Then our Preschool went to Fantasy Land, where Santa told us stories and sang songs with us. He's great!!

Then a friend of ours told us about this home that has a "Santa's workshop" where you go and see Santa. They decorate thier yard quite extensively and each child can visit with Santa. He even gives them a little "surprise" so they can wait until Christmas for their gifts!! This was a great experience and Gavin LOVED it!!
They had a special mailbox for Gavin to mail his letter to Santa

Santa even gave him a little early Christmas gift!! Wow!
Oh the Magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child!!

School performance

We had our Preschool Christmas program and it was great!! Gavin did such a good job with his class's song!
They all did such a good job!! It was a great way to end for our Christmas break!

Gavin's Christmas Tree

This year Nanny got Gavin a tree for his room. We got some cute little ornaments for it and he decorated it all by himself, although I admit I really, really have a hard time not "spacing" the ornaments!!

The most important thing is, he loves it!!

Christmas Parade

We braved the cold and kicked off our Christmas celebrations with the Christmas Parade! We attended again with our dear friends the Gregorys, and of course the kids loved it!! But it was cold!!!

Afterwards we came home and got all toasty warm. The boys were a little tired!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Performance

Our KidPraize group sang last Sunday. Look at this great group of kids!!

A lot of the children had a "part" or solo including Gavin. Now keep in mind last year Gavin knocked over the microphone stand while he was trying to grab it and sing in it--in front of the entire congregation. Now this year when it came time for his part I put the microphone in front of him he turned and said "No Mom!!" Ugg. You can't win sometimes!!
I love this picture of Robbie doing the motions to "Away in the Manger"

Funny things

Children say some of the funniest things, this age is just PRICELESS!!

On Thanksgiving morning we were on our way to Mom's house to help get ready for our feast. As we pull in her driveway the following conversatin occured:

Gavin--"Mom, I have an idea"

Me--"oh yea buddy, what's that??"

Daddy--"oh boy!"

Gavin--so proudly "I'm not going to pick my nose at all on Happy Thanksgiving"

Me & Daddy--"That's a GREAT idea!!!"

oh, this kid. . .

Happy Thanksgiving

Gavin's Thanksgiving celebration started at school with his friends

Our family was blessed once again with a Great Thanksgiving!! Several of our family members were able to join us.
Gavin got to see his cousins from IL & DC areaAll in all it was a great Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

And the party was. . .

a HUGE success!!

We did John Deere & Tractors all the way. . .
Aunt Teresa made us these adorable "goodie bags"I made these cute "tractor shaped" crayons to go in the bags with lots of other John Deere stuff!
Gavin was thrilled to see some "old friends" he hadn't seen in a while. . .
And then some of his "newer" good friends . . .

And of course our little "bestest" friends (that's what Gavin calls the twins)
We had several fun activities. . .

But the favorite of course was the tractor rides!

Off they go again!!
There was Birthday cupcakes. . .
And LOTS of presents!!
It was a great 4th Birthday Party. Gavin really enjoyed it. That evening when I was putting him to bed and saying his prayers and looked over at me, put his hand on my cheek and said "Thanks Mom for my awesome Tractor party"!! Boy, that makes it all worth it. . .!!!