Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank you

A HUGE Thank you to all my dear friends and family members. Thank you for what? Thank you for your love and patience with me over the past 2+ weeks that I have been unbearable, absent, air-headed and just a pain!!

I have just finished successfully directing my 2nd Vacation Bible School. Our Church had 122 children in attendance and it was indeed a success.

So for all of you that have left me messages, emails, etc and I have not responded I truly apologize, I am slowly uncovering myself and plan to be back to normal as soon as possible.

Please know that I dearly love you all and truly thank you.

Camping Pics

Here's pictures from our camping trip from a few weeks ago. . .I just realized I hadn't shared them yet! oops! We went camping with our friends Marshall & Lisa, and of course thier twin boys Carson & Parker. The boys weren't too sure about the sleeping arrangements. They had to cut their camping trip short, but I think they'll be ready by next summer. We still had a great time. Gavin loves playing with the boys, and the boys enjoy him. . .as long as he doesn't play tackle football with them again or give them too many "bear hugs". . .ah the gentleness of a two year old boy. . .Thankfully Marshall & Lisa are very understanding and patient friends.

Here's part of our campsite. We borrowed our neighbor's pop-up camper. We love that thing. . .we gotta get one someday!

Here's the "fun quarters" of our campsite--playyard is a MUST with little boys!

Here's Gavin & Daddy looking out the camper looking for the horses. We had a horse pasture right beside our campsite. . .Gavin thought that was so cool!

Unfortunately the horses were not too friendly and we had to be careful when petting them, but Gavin & the boys really enjoyed watching them. . .

Gavin really loved "helping" with the twins.

No camping trip is complete without Tractor transportation!

And here's a camper at heart. Sittin by the campfire playing some music on his guitar and eating graham crackers. . .didn't even wait for the roasted marshmallows!

All in all Gavin thought the trip was great!! We'll do that again soon!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Get Ready. . .

For Picture overload!
I've been very "lax" lately with the blog, so here's my marathon post with lots of pictures to update on all we've been doing.

First, Gavin has such a great sense of fashion. . he's his beloved rain boots that he begs to wear every day. And of course his Daddy's hat!!

We enjoyed a visit to the Horse Show. . .and a necessity for any show. . Popcorn!

We had a great playdate with his buddy Robbie. The boys (& Moms) have so much fun together. . .just hanging out!

Had a fun visit to Mimi & Granddaddy's house one weekend. We picked squash out of their garden! Gavin was such a big helper!

Here--let me pick one

I got one!

Wow this bag is heavy

You carry it Mimi, I got to find something else to get into

Let me reassure you these skunks are plastic yard ornaments. . .

And it's a good thing, because Gavin LOVED playing with them.