Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Patch visits Galore!!

Well, those that know me well know how much I absolutely LOVE the Pumpkin Patch. It's truly one of our family's favorite Fall activities!! We have visited 3 times this year, and loved it every single time!! The first visit was just our family and it was a great day. The farm is absolutely beautiful and truly a breath of fresh air each year we visit.

Gavin is ready to go! He's waited such a long time!

He was in awe of the huge tires full of pumpkins!

Got to milk the "cow". . .and took his job VERY seriously.

Then onto the tractor ride to the Pumpkin Fields. . .

This pumpkin is a little large for you buddy. . .

This one is more your size. . .

We'll let Daddy carry the big ones for us! (And BOY, did Daddy find a big one!) Look at his little "shadow" in the background!

Our second trip to the Patch was with our friends the Jones family. Unfortunately I forgot my camera!! Dear Lisa thankfully remembered hers and sent me some more pictures. So actually I benefitted greatly from this--she got some great pictures. She's a great photographer!

My little boy blue. . .And my favorite picture of the day. . .Gavin absolutely loves the boys. I know they will all grow up to be the best of friends.
Our final trip was with the family. . .

We packed some lunch and had a grand ol' tailgating picnic. . .
Gavin was thrilled the Granny (MeeMee Poff) came with us!

And of course two of his very favorite people, Brandon & Jody!

Jody rode the horse and carriage with Gavin. . .

Nanny & PawPaw looking for their Pumpkin. . .

Brandon found his "pick"

Donnie had an important job, he sat in one spot and we all brought our pumpkins to him to "guard". I think Gavin brought him at least 10 pumpkins! No, we did not bring all of them home!

We had some fun on the hay bales

Mom had a little trouble, but they got her up there! =)

It was a great Fall in 2008!!

First day of School!!

Gavin woke in a GREAT mood the first day of school! He was very excited when he saw his fun "monkey face" breakfast Mommy fixed for him!!

We got dressed, complete with the new backpack. When did my baby get so big??
I LOL at this picture, do you think he's tired of the camera??

Gavin kept asking when the bus was coming. . .Mommy is thankful that he's only riding my bus for now!!

Another Camping trip!

Back in August we went camping with the Jones family. They are some of our closest friends and Gavin truly enjoys playing and hanging out with the boys (remember they are twins) and they are now 2 1/2!! Doesn't it just seem like yesterday they were born!!?!?

Anyway, we had a great time camping. All 3 of the boys truly enjoyed being outside and having such freedom!!
The weather was a little less than cooperative. It was cold and very rainy. The campground we frequent has great and level campsites, but in the rain they do turn quite muddy. Rain, muddy ground and 3 boys ages 3 & under doesn't quite make a good combination. Needless to say the boys became quite a mess! We had to find different alternatives for dinner. The boys didn't seem to mind that we visited Pizza Hut for dinner--Pizza while camping? That works!

Don't worry--we didn't completely lose our sense of camping. We did "rough" it a bit. The boys did enjoy their outdoor baths though! These great big buckets are great for little boys and their baths!! They thought it was so cool!!

So yea, the weather may have damped our plans a little, It was definitely cooler, poor Lisa was quite chilly! But quite a trooper!!

The rain can't ruin our trip though, yea we explored a few "extracurricular camping activities" and just enjoyed a a great time with friends. We finished up the evening having "movie night" in one of the campers. Veggie Tales is always a good choice among this group!!

What do I want to be??

Well one day Gavin & I were having an "at home" day. We don't have many of those, but Gavin truly does enjoy just "hanging around". He's allowed to stay in his PJ's if he wants and we just do "what ever suits our fancy"!

This day in particular we were playing "what do you want to be" where we played several different occupations. Of course his favorite, a cowboy was first, then we played firefighters--another close favorite. Then he decided to be a "backhoe driver" because that's what he says Uncle Brandon does. He's a lucky little boy because Uncle Brandon actully got him a real "worker man hat" (as Gavin calls it) and he loves to wear it.

I got these candid photos. . .

That little smile gets me everytime!

I'd like to introduce you. . .

to Kelley, Gavin's Mom and the new Author of this blog. The former author was clearly undependable. She must have been too busy with other things to keep this blog updated, what a pity. I hope that I, the new Author won't let you down. :o)