Monday, March 24, 2008

Marathon Catch-up Post

Wow. . we've been very busy and have lots to share since our last post.
We've had a busy and yet good Winter. We've had a few illnesses sweep through our household, but are very optimistic and hopeful for Spring!
Since our last post we have been a busy family! Gavin's been enjoying school every week and doing great. He's been on field trips, learns something new everyday and comes home telling stories of different friends.
Daddy's been working hard as usual, but loving what he does. Daddy and Gavin have "bucket truck discussions" every night. Dave's thrilled to finally have someone that really enjoys hearing all about the chassis, boom and body on a truck! I mean I can pretend. . .but Gavin REALLY cares!! It's hysterical hearing Gavin repeat all these truck parts and act like he knows what he is talking about!! Dinner time conversations here are priceless.

Mommy has been very busy with her "life change" and work. Church has been good, lots of changes including a move of Mommy's departments and change in her job responsibilities, but it's all good and she's very excited!! Our "church school" is growing and growing and keeping her on her toes! She did enjoy a nice "girls weekend" away shopping earlier this month. It was great fun and a tradition they plan to continue!
Now for some recent photos. . from Easter. We had a great Easter here and we are looking forward to an early Spring Break!

Here's Gavin when he first saw the Bunny came to visit. He was so shocked! (Yes, notice the no shirt and only one sock. . .you never know what this kid is going to have on when he gets up)And I love this pic of his reaction, he did this with everything he pulled out of his basket. "Mommy, the Bunny brought me CARS!!!"Getting ready to go to Church. . .a couple sweet Easter Pics And now the REAL Gavin. . .

I hope you and your family had a great Easter as well! Happy Spring everyone!