Saturday, July 12, 2008

Watch out World!!

I'm on a roll. . .two posts within a week!! This post is a little on the more "manly" side. What can I say, I'm eat up with BOYS!!

Several weeks ago Daddy brought a bucket truck up to Nanny's house for him & Brandon to do a little "tree trimming" well Gavin thought it was the coolest thing ever!! Dave, Brandon & Dad enjoyed it a bit too! Here's some pics of their exciting day:

Loading up the bucket . . . the driver and the tree trimmer! Paw Paw is supervising. . .Wow. . .they are REALLY high!! Can you believe my husband used to be scared of heights??Nanny got in on the fun too. . .but on the ground!!
My next event to share about is BIG news in our family. . .Paw Paw bought a new toy and the boys are so excited you'd think it was Christmas! Gavin can HARDLY wait!

On Friday Paw Paw's new John Deere tractor was delivered. Wow--I don't think Gavin, Paw Paw, David or Brandon have stopped smiling since!!
Nanny drives it too! How impressive is that???
Come on Paw Paw, let's take it for a spin!!
Gavin's trying to drive it himself. . .
There's no better place on earth than on a new John Deere tractor with your Paw Paw!Gavin also went to yet another Birthday party this weekend (are you keeping count Jody?). His social calendar is one busy one! Of course most Moms know how that goes. . .
Gavin gets a shot (or should I say pull) at the Pinata

Gavin and his buddies playing Monster Trucks! Every little boys favorite!! Gavin and two of his very special friends. . .Jackson & Connor. . .Aren't they cute??
Happy Birthday Connor!!

And one more of my little happy Boy!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's July!!

Well I'm already 10 days into July and I need to post about what we've been up to!

The funny things you do to entertain your child. Here's Gavin and we're playing a version of "Twister" in the Doctor's office last week. I'm saying "put your right foot on purple" "left hand on blue" and so on. . .it was a fun game!

We celebrated my Mom's birthday at Olive Garden--yum!! Happy Birthday Mom--we love you!!
Here's my good lookin' brother giving the birthday girl some love

And Gavin and one of his MOST favorite people in the world, Aunt Teresa!
We went camping over the 4th with some good friends!! You know we always love a good camping trip! This one proved to be successful with lots of time with family and friends. Dave's Mom came to visit us one day and we got lots of rest and relaxation on this trip. Here's a few of our pics.

Gavin sitting outside the camper.
Looks like some camping mischief going on in the tent by two busy boys!!
Robbie & Gavin went exploring with some cool binoculars Heather brought them!
Looks like Robbie enjoyed his smores!! Or maybe it was a cookie!!
Gavin is roasting his marshmallows getting ready for a camping treat!
OK, you may be wondering that that green string is there in front of Gavin. The first night we were paranoid about the boys falling into the campfire. So I made a "string barricade" of sorts. We tied string around our chairs and the boys couldn't go inside, we just put their chairs right outside and they never walked near the fire. I was teased somewhat about my "barricade" but hey, no one fell in the fire!!

Look at those happy campers!!

Robbie & Gavin enjoyed a few luxuries from home with the portable DVD player and movies!! Who says camping has to be "roughing it"!?!

We have planted a garden this year! Dave & I thought it would be a great experience for Gavin this year and he's really into it and excited. He's helped us plant, water, feed and weed our garden each day! Well on Tuesday we had a very exciting event--we picked our FIRST VEGETABLES!!! Gavin was cheering and hollering as we told him there were some ready to pick! We got 3 yellow squash!

Here's the "squash corner" of our garden--Mommy loves squash!!

Dave & Gavin are about to bust waiting for the tomatoes to ripen!! We'll keep you posted!