Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gavin and his scripture. . .

Gavin has to learn a new Bible verse each week for Cubbies (our AWANA program at Church). He's really good at it and loves learning new verses.

Yesterday we had one of those hysterical moments with him.

We practiced all afternoon ". . .I trust in you, O Lord" it was an easy one this week! He knew it, and said it over and over and over.

We get to the church, getting out of the van I said "Gavin, what's your verse?" He quickly replies "Have a good night and love God."

WHAT!??!!? Where did that come from? Seriously though he said it perfectly in Cubbies.

Later that night I was sharing the story with Daddy and Gavin overheard us talking and laughing about it. He in all seriousness brings me my Bible and says "look it up Mommy, I know it's in there somewhere--Have a good night and love God".