Thursday, July 2, 2009

What a traumatic day. . .

Well we had two appointments in one day and boy was it a day!! First we went back to the Hand Surgeon for a re-check on Gavin's finger. Good news is we no longer need the cast!!
They downgraded him to a splint and a bandage-but still to keep dry. Now we are pleased to say we are only in a band-aid and we can get it wet!! The nail did come off on it's own (praise!) and we are waiting to see how the new nail comes in. There is a small little nail there (praise!) so that's one concern gone. As long as the new nail comes in complete, attached on all 3 sides and adhering to his nail bed we are done!! That is our prayer at this point, to avoid any other surgical procedures!!
Also that day Gavin had his first trip to the Dentist! Because of the drama with this finger accident Gavin has a new fear of hospitals, doctors and apparently dentists! What fun. . .
You can tell in this picture we weren't getting very far. Gavin has both hands covering his mouth.

We did make a little progress though and when they let him sit up on the side of the chair (I guess so he could make a quick get-away if he had to) he did agree to let her polish his front teeth. Thankfully the Dr. Cross got a good look at those teeth and said they look great. I'm SO glad he loves to brush his teeth!! And one thing is FOR SURE. . . Daddy is taking him next time!

We went to the Zoo and they didn't keep the boys!!

We had a quick day trip to a small local zoo with Lisa and the twins. It was a hot day, but we made the best of it! The boys loved the animals of course. And we teased them that they better not get too close to the monkey cages because we might put them in there!!
And of course we TRIED to get a picture of them together, but getting all 3 to sit at the same time is nearly impossible!!
Gavin's favorite part was the goats and sheep that you could feed. He's all about some farm animals!

And of course the ponies that were wandering around. . . you know his love of horses!

Aren't they the cutest twins ever?? We love them!!

Summer is here!!

Where does time go?? I can't believe June is gone and we are now in July!! Wow. A friend & I were discussing this the other day, and I think it is so true. Once you have children time seems to go even faster!!

Well because of Gavin's finger accident he was not able to finish his first soccer season. He only missed two games though and we went to the last one to cheer on his team. Gavin truly loved soccer and is already talking about next season. Maybe he'll be like his Uncle Brandon and do really well in that sport (and others)!!

Also Gavin participated in a short term of Karate classes the last month of Preschool. Here's some pictures of his last class and belt ceremony for Karate. No, he's not continuing classes right now, but maybe in the future. He really enjoyed it. I'm researching other programs and schools to find the right fit for Gavin (and our bank account)!!

As you can see the cast did not slow this boy down ONE BIT!!!