Monday, January 7, 2008

The Pledge to the Flag

OK, this is one of my "Proud Mommy Moments". And when they are 3, we have to "relish" in them, right??

Gavin's been saying the Pledge of Allegiance for a couple weeks now, and I just love it. I had to share. . .

(Turn up your volume and click on the arrow in the lower left hand corner. You may have to click on it a couple times.)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What a great Christmas

We had a "picture perfect" Christmas this year. It was complete with family, friends, and LOTS of presents!! I'll just let the pictures tell the story. . .And get ready, there's ALOT!!

It started with our Annual Gingerbread House party at Church. Gavin and his friends really got into that this year. And the "Jolly ol Fellow" made an appearance too!

Then onto a Nativity put on at Gavin's preschool Open House. Gavin was a sheep. . . Santa made an appearance at our Preschool on the last day. . .he was just passing through town getting ready for the big day! Granny even got a hug from Santa himself! Gavin had a Christmas party at his other Preschool that week as well. . .lots of parties this kid had!
Next up is our Staunton Christmas. . .We had a great time with MeeMee Hoppy, Grand-daddy and Uncle Scott. Scott scored big with this HUGE tractor he got for Gavin. . .and more farm animals too! The boys all had fun with it. . .
Then Grand Daddy got Gavin his HUGE stable for his horses. . .what a hit. This was one happy boy!!

Then Christmas Eve Nanny & Paw Paw had their annual Party with lots of spoiling to be had. Gavin was truly "in his prime" with all the Nannys, Mee Mees, Paw Paw, Aunts, Uncles & Grand-daddys there!! He got quite the attention and loves every minute of it. Here he's "modeling" his new "horse towel" that MeeMee Judy & Grand-daddy got him.

Uncle Donnie & Aunt Teresa were in too and helped us celebrate!! Gavin loves seeing them & the dogs. We're so looking forward to them moving back (this Spring!) and being closer!!

Onto the house later that night and we got the stuff out for Santa & his reindeer. Gavin was convinced that Rudolph would like a banana. . .so that's what we left!! Along with cookies & milk for Santa and a nice note!!

It must have worked, Santa made his stop and left Gavin his beloved "Chesnut" a spring horse. It's all he asked for from Santa and he got it!! He was a little hesitant at first. . .this is one BIG horse, but it didn't take long and now we can hardly get him off!!

Onto Mom & Dad's for Christmas Breakfast and LOTS of gifts. Gavin was SO into the presents and opening this year. He got so excited and absolutely LOVED everything from clothes to toys!!

Gavin got a cool Rodeo Bull & Cowboy, movie, Remote Control truck, another big Horse, Lincoln Logs, cool clothes, a kids digital camera & lots of other great stuff. He was plenty spoiled!! He loved every minute of it. . .we all did.

Dave & I got great stuff too!! Even though I don't have pics (you know the camera is ALWAYS on the kid) we got stuff like a Wheelbarrow, new pots & pans, beautiful necklace, beautiful watch, gift cards, bathroom organizer, kitchen memo board, great clothes & shoes, money and more!! We were definitely spoiled this year!!

Then Nanny & Paw Paw hosted the extended Family for Christmas Dinner. We had a great time visiting with cousins we don't see often and their kids. . .

New baby cousin Derrick, Trotter and Maggie We ended 2007 with some great friends at Chuck E. Cheese. 13 of us joined the "big mouse" to send the year off and have some great fun. The kids played so good. . .

Yes, ALL the kids. . . And the adults had plenty of fun as well (stop laughing Mark!). It was a great end to a great Holiday season and year.

We aren't making "Resolutions" for the new year. We KNOW for a fact that 2008 is going to be a great year here at our house and we are looking forward to making it a great year. Spending lots of time together. . . and making some great positive changes in our life. . our new Motto is "2008 is going to be GREAT!!".

Thanks for making it through my "Marathon" post of our holidays. I hope you & your family have a very Happy New Year.