Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm a big boy now!

Just another sign of how big my little munchkin is getting!
MeeMee brought him a big boy bike this weekend! He jumped right on and took off, quite fast from the start (a little too fast for my comfort) and he loves it!! Wow. . .where did the time go??

And a cute pic of the boys. . .Marshall & Lisa and their twin boys came over the other day . . .we really need a dump truck built for THREE!!

The Funny things Kids say, Act II

OK, I'm recording these as much for myself (so I'll remember) as for you! Some are "location funny" (meaning you had to be there) and some will give you the giggles.

Gavin is just so funny these days. . .and let me tell you talks NONstop!! To share some things. . .

Gavin has what he calls "Imagination" friends. These are imaginary people that are with him, almost all the time. Their names are Katie & Bobby. Gavin tells you that Katie was born with him and Bobby well, he's 1. He talks with these kids all the time, argues with them and even puts them in time-out when necessary. I just get so tickled at him talking with them and being the "mommy" to them. Just this morning in the van "Katie. . .where are you" then he answers himself--changing his voice to be Katie "I'm back here" (back to Gavin) "OK, you better be buckled"!!

The other day we were leaving and he yelled out across the yard "Hey Katie, I'm leaving, I've got my phone if you need me. . .be careful!" (Gee, wonder where he's heard that)

He was at my Mom's house recently and walked in the bedroom when she was changing the sheets. He asked "Nanny, whatcha doing?" Mom answered "changing the sheets" and he replied "why, did you frow up?" . . .I promise I change the sheets often at our house!!

One more and I'll quit. . .the other night we were getting ready to put Gavin to bed. We read our books in the living room and brushed his teeth, he started heading into OUR room for bed and David said "whoa buddy. . .where are you going?" Gavin turned around and said "Daddy, you need to be a big boy and sleep all by yourself. I sleep with Mommy because I don't sleep loud" I assume he was referencing his Daddy's snoring!!

A friend of mine has a disclaimer at the top of their daughter's website, I probably should do the same. . .warning against anyone reading this unless they understand the pretentiousness of parents!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gavin learning Bible Verses

OK, we've been trying to teach Gavin some Bible verses. His favorite is John 3:16, which is a good choice! Here he is in the car tonight reciting it for me. (Uncle Jimmy, this is for you!)

Click on play button below-

A couple funnies though: in reciting it tonight we got a couple other versions, including:
". . . son, that whosoever believes in him, one nation, under God . . ."
and then ". . . but have everlasting life. John Deere 3:16"

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Funny things kids say. . .

Dave and I were watching something on TV the other night. There was something funny on that was "adult humor" that Gavin didn't understand. He put his hands on his hips and said "Mommy, that not very propriate (appropriate)".